Stories matter.

Student by student and frame by frame, in pixels and in person, Bruce tells stories to make a difference.


An interactive exhibit of fleeting moments and the impressions they leave behind.

Email Bruce to bring Impressions to your gallery, school or business.

Drawn by a desire to bridge cultural divides and instead focus on our shared humanity, Bruce documents the human landscape around the world.



The excitement and enthusiasm Bruce brings to his work are infectious, and his quiet manner disarms the most reluctant subject. 
ROGER OHANESIAN, Harvard Eye Associates | former subject
Bruce is always on my shoulder. When I look through my camera lens, I see what he sees. When I hold out my microphone to pose a question, he’s helping me think of what to ask. … Bruce is a life-changer. That’s what award-winning multimedia producer and Newhouse alum Bob Sacha (formerly) of MediaStorm once said to me. And I agree.
BRAD HORN, Brad Horn Media | former student

Bruce is an extraordinary teacher, photographer, storyteller, and thinker, and it was an exhilarating and transformative experience to learn from him. Now that I have been applying what I learned to my own research during these past two months, I am even more grateful.

ANNE WHISTON SPIRN, Professor at MIT School of Landscape Architecture and Planning | workshop student

If the strength, integrity and energy of a personality could provide light to cities, Bruce’s would power a megalopolis.

MIKE DAVIS, Alexia Foundation and Newhouse School at Syracuse University | colleague
It hardly seems fair for Bruce to be such a genuinely good guy, considering how insanely talented he is. I’d be tempted to hate him, if I didn’t love him so much. … As a modern storyteller, Bruce is the complete package.
RON LONDEN, Journey Group | client and former boss