Stories matter.

Student by student and frame by frame, in pixels and in person, Bruce tells stories to make a difference.


An interactive exhibit of fleeting moments and the impressions they leave behind.

Email Bruce to bring Impressions to your gallery, school or business.

Drawn by a desire to bridge cultural divides and instead focus on our shared humanity, Bruce documents the human landscape around the world.



Bruce is always on my shoulder. When I look through my camera lens, I see what he sees. When I hold out my microphone to pose a question, he’s helping me think of what to ask. … Bruce is a life-changer. That’s what award-winning multimedia producer and Newhouse alum Bob Sacha (formerly) of MediaStorm once said to me. And I agree.
BRAD HORN, Brad Horn Media | former student

If the strength, integrity and energy of a personality could provide light to cities, Bruce’s would power a megalopolis.

MIKE DAVIS, Alexia Foundation and Newhouse School at Syracuse University | colleague
The excitement and enthusiasm Bruce brings to his work are infectious, and his quiet manner disarms the most reluctant subject. 
ROGER OHANESIAN, Harvard Eye Associates | former subject
It hardly seems fair for Bruce to be such a genuinely good guy, considering how insanely talented he is. I’d be tempted to hate him, if I didn’t love him so much. … As a modern storyteller, Bruce is the complete package.
RON LONDEN, Journey Group | client and former boss

Bruce is an extraordinary teacher, photographer, storyteller, and thinker, and it was an exhilarating and transformative experience to learn from him. Now that I have been applying what I learned to my own research during these past two months, I am even more grateful.

ANNE WHISTON SPIRN, Professor at MIT School of Landscape Architecture and Planning | workshop student