If the strength, integrity and energy of a personality could provide light to cities, Bruce’s would power a megalopolis. MIKE DAVIS, independent picture editor and educator, former picture editor at The White House, National Geographic magazine and several of America’s leading visual newspapers


Regardless of the topics he takes on … his stories come to life because Bruce is in touch with the underpinnings of the subject’s emotions. And his photographic style and sensitivity combine to make poignant documentary of the sometimes tragic events in our lives. BERT FOX, director of photography at The Charlotte (NC) Observer, formerly picture editor at National Geographic


It hardly seems fair for Bruce to be such a genuinely good guy, considering how insanely talented he is. I’d be tempted to hate him, if I didn’t love him so much. … As a modern storyteller, Bruce is the complete package. RON LONDEN, Journey Group, former director of photography at The Orange County Register


I was immediately struck by Bruce’s warm, open and inviting personality. … What wasn’t immediately obvious was how much that first impression would not only prove to be accurate, but that it would develop into a deep and abiding respect for him as a person and as a photojournalist. The excitement and enthusiasm Bruce brings to his work are infectious, and his quiet manner disarms the most reluctant subject. ROGER OHANESIAN, M.D., F.A.C.S., former subject


Bruce is an extraordinary teacher, photographer, storyteller, and thinker, and it was an exhilarating and transformative experience to learn from him. Now that I have been applying what I learned to my own research during these past two months, I am even more grateful. ANNE WHISTON SPIRN, professor at MIT’s School of Landscape Architecture and Planning, and recent student of Bruce’s at the Immersion Workshop and Maine Media Workshops


We speak the same language—multimedia. … Bruce is always on my shoulder. When I look through my camera lens, I see what he sees. When I hold out my microphone to pose a question, he’s helping me think of what to ask. … Bruce is a life-changer. That’s what award-winning multimedia producer and Newhouse alum Bob Sacha (formerly) of MediaStorm once said to me. And I agree. BRAD HORN, video journalist at the Washington Post and former graduate student at Newhouse


Bruce is the professor who always made time for his students, even if it meant bringing prints to his home to scatter on the floor after his family responsibilities were done for the evening. He shows that it is possible (but never easy) to balance work/home, and is a constant inspiration to people who aspire to not only be storytellers but human beings as well. MATT EICH, independent visual storyteller, former student at Ohio University, former College Photographer of the Year


Bruce (was) my teacher and mentor for three classes—picture essay, documentary, and audio storytelling—that altered how I think about pictures and storytelling, as well as how I think about and approach life. Generous with his time and infinite in his patience, he explains his thoughts about student work in a way that is both gentle and direct. … Before I came to Ohio University, my portfolio had solid news pictures, but not much storytelling, and certainly no pictures that incorporated light, layering, or visual risk-taking. All of that changed under Bruce. ERIC KAYNE, staff photographer at Houston Chronicle, former graduate student at Ohio University, winner of documentary category in College Photographer of the Year (2006)